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Posted by on Aug 5, 2014 in Featured, Implant |

Birth Control Implant – Do they work?

Birth Control Implant – Do they work?


Birth Control Implant – What Side Effects Do They Have?

The birth control implant contraceptives are just one of the forms of contraception being used today. Birth control implant, as the name suggests, involves a device that is being put under the patient’s skin. It is done in this method to give the patient an even dose of it without the hassle of taking birth control pills every day. The implant contains progestogen hormone. One good example of this form of contraception is Nexplanon, which is the only implant being prescribed and used in the United Kingdom. But there are still other implant devices being used in the world.

The Reported Side Effects of Birth Control Implant Contraceptives

According to reports, side effects, only develop during the first few months. And it goes after about 3 to 6 months after the device is implanted and used continuously. From the past years, there were several pieces of information collected about the side effects that some women have experienced with the implants. These include breast discomfort, increased appearance of acne and fluid retention. But there were also other women who reported an improvement and decreased appearance of acne. There is also the fact that there is a present risk of infection in the wound with cuts on the skin. Other side effects experienced by women are divided into categories, which include:

  • Side Effects Caused by the Insertion of the Birth Control ImplantBirth Control Implant Some reported that they experienced pain, swelling or bruising, infection, scarring or redness. Such effects from the procedure occurred due to incorrect insertion of the birth control  implant on the right spot. For instance, the health care provided may have placed the device too deeply into the patient’s skin. As a result, the patient experienced numbness and discomfort later on when it is time to remove the device. But there is a lower risk of these occurring with Nexplanon.
  • Side Effects Experienced Once the Device is Implanted – It can include experiencing irregular menstrual cycle, nausea or abdominal pain, weight gain, depression and mood swings. Dizziness, back pain, headache, breast pain, acne break out and vaginitis are other reported side effects in the past.

These are just some drawbacks of the birth control implant contraceptives, but there are still more reported of it. Such examples include the certain health issue that the patient currently has. Women experiencing abnormal bleeding in the vagina due to an undiagnosed cause are prohibited from using this option. There is also the fact that the method is costly. Patients who opt for this contraceptive method will have to pay $600 and even more for the exam as well as the birth control  implant. The removal of the birth control implant will require about $100 or more. There is also the fact that the method is claimed to be not effective in obese women, which limits the people who can use this option. All these reasons make the withdrawal method a superior option. It is not only effective, but the method is also safe, convenient and very simple. It does not involve any of the side effects mentioned above or those relating to hormonal changes. It does not require any prescription and above all, it is free.