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Posted by on Aug 5, 2014 in Condoms, Featured |

Condom Effectiveness

Condom Effectiveness

Condom Effectiveness

When the topic about the effectiveness of any contraception like condoms is brought up, experts reference two distinct figures – the perfect use and the typical use. The perfect use means that the person who use condoms use it correctly and consistently. The perfect use of condoms can help prevent pregnancy and this can be verified by lab test results. The typical use is probably the primary reason why condom effectiveness issues arise. Basically, it is how the person uses the condom or the contraception method.

Ineffectiveness of condoms arises from incorrect use, break or tear off during sexual intercourse and slippage while having sex. Condoms that are too tight can have the tendency to break off, especially if it’s made from latex.  In addition, condoms that are slightly loose can slip off during sexual intercourse if the guy goes flaccid.

No contraception method is 100% effective in typical or perfect use over time. The 100% protection from pregnancy is not having any sexual activity at all. Sex activities that do not involve genital to genital contact can reduce the risks of pregnancy. Aside from the use of condoms, abstinence is another contraception method used to prevent pregnancy. But, abstinence may work only after a year as couples cannot resist the urge of sex and end up having sex that results in pregnancy. They do not use condom as it reduces the sensation they feel while making love.

condom effectivenessWhile condom effectiveness is questioned, there is one contraception method that has made a comeback, the withdrawal method. Also known as the pull out method, it can help people prevent pregnancy without having to lessen that sense of pleasure and satisfaction they feel after having sex. The Guttmacher study has proven that the pre-ejaculatory fluid does not expel sperm, so it will not cause pregnancy.

Contrary to what other people say that pulling out is not easy, it is simple and easy to do. With practice, communication, learning and following plans, you can use the pull out method like a pro. But, before you use the withdrawal method, see to it that you and your guy know both of your STI status. The pull out method can work in pregnancy prevention, but not against sexually transmitted infections. Should you get involved in casual sex with a guy you do not know much about, always use condom.

In addition, it’s best if you know your menstrual cycle. Through this, you can be aware of your fertile days. You can allow your guy to expel inside you and have a feeling of complete satisfaction. This is one of the concerns of condom effectiveness. Although your guy feels satisfied from expelling inside you, you don’t.

If effectiveness is your primary priority, withdrawal can be your best option. Unlike condoms and other contraception methods, the pull out method is free. You do not need to deal with the cost of any of the contraception available these days. Besides, you can use the pull out method anytime you want. But, see to it that you keep supplies to use in the event that the withdrawal method is not applicable to the given situation.