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Posted by on Aug 8, 2014 in Outercourse |




Outercourse is a behavior that can help prevent unexpected pregnancy in women. It can help prevent STDs apart from being safe to use. But, outercourse ineffectiveness may arise as it is not easy to do, contrary to what other people say that it’s pretty easy.

Outercourse is having sex without vaginal intercourse. This method can help prevent pregnancy while allowing the couple to enjoy lots of sexual activities. This method can help prevent unexpected pregnancy by keeping away the sperm from the vagina. When used consistently, it can help prevent pregnancy by 100%. It is also a safer way to prevent STD as there is no contract between the male and female sex organs. Outercourse has many benefits such as you do not need to use hormones or pills.

A couple may use abstinence for a number of reasons. A couple may choose outercourse after having sex with each other or after they have been sexually active. This contraception method is used by people not just to prevent pregnancy and STDs, but also to wait until they are emotionally ready for a sexual relationship, waiting to find the right partner, have sexual involvement with a romantic partner, and so on.

But, outercourse effectiveness may arise if anyone in the couple cannot resist his/her physical urge to have sex. Keep in mind that outercourse does not involve penetration. Are you always that focused on stopping yourself from having sex with your partner? If you are, then this method will work. But, not all people can resist sex and sexual intercourse may happen anytime during the play of sex. Not to mention the frustration that any of the couple will feel from not having complete sexual satisfaction.

Research study conducted at Guttmacher has proved that the withdrawal method is a far more effective contraception method than abstinence or any contraception. The study has shown that the pre-ejaculatory fluid or the pre-cum does not contain sperm that can fertilize the egg cell and cause pregnancy. With this, there’s need for a couple or for a partner to play sex and get frustrated from not having complete sexual satisfaction.

The withdrawal method a.k.a. the pull out method can help couples keep away sperm from the vagina although penetration is permitted. Couples can further enjoy their sexual activities, with no restrictions or whatsoever. Although the pull out method is not 100% effective, it can help prevent pregnancy.

According to the study, the only concern about the pullout method is that many women are using it and they are not protected from STDs. The solution to this is to try to avoid occasional sex. Women who are in a romantic relationship with the opposite sex can truly benefit from this method. It does not require the cost of other contraception methods such as birth control implants, pills, condoms, hormones and so on. Furthermore, this method allows the couple to enjoy their sex life without having to be abstinent just to prevent pregnancy.