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Posted by on Aug 15, 2014 in Condoms, Withdrawal Method |

Withdrawal Method VS Condom Ineffectiveness

Withdrawal Method VS Condom Ineffectiveness

Withdrawal Method VS Condom Ineffectiveness

condom inefectivenessAll contraception methods are used to prevent pregnancy. Condoms are by far the most popular contraceptive used by many people around the world. But, the ineffectiveness of condoms is an increasing concern of people. Condom ineffectiveness results in unexpected pregnancy. The common reasons to condom ineffectiveness could be incorrect or inconsistent use, failure and break off or slip off. Most men tend to keep condoms in their wallet and doing this can damage the latex and can fail when used during sexual intercourse. While the condom ineffectiveness is continually increasing, one popular contraception method that has been around for many years has made a comeback – the withdrawal or the pullout method.

The withdrawal method is a popular contraception method, but only less people consider it as a birth control method. Because researchers dismiss the pull out method as better than nothing, not many people know much about it.

A lot of people will say that pulling out does not work. In fact, 60% of couples have used the withdrawal method at least once a year. There are many people who are withdrawal rock stars and they pull out correctly each time they have sex. However, pulling out is not easy for a number of reasons. On the other hand, condom is a far more effective method according to experts, considering the safety of course as men do not need to pull out every time they had sex.

Blue CondomCondom Ineffectiveness

The increasing issue about condom ineffectiveness has made the pull out method popular. Why? When a man uses condom, sex doesn’t feel good. Condoms do work for straightforward penetrative sex, but not in more creative encounters. The use of condoms of men is also a nightmare to women in the event that the guy wearing it is going through several degrees of hard and flaccid while doing things.

Condom Ineffectiveness & relationship trust

In addition to the increasing concern about condom ineffectiveness, using it is associated with lack of trust between couples. This means that the couple throws away the idea of having a steady relationship.

It’s a myth that only irresponsible people use the pull out method. People who have no intention of entering a steady relationship and do not use condoms while having sex are considered irresponsible. On the other hand, those people who plan on having a steady relationship and know how to use the pull out method are not irresponsible. They simply know what to do. In addition, if your partner uses birth control pill, will you still use condom? Aside from condom ineffectiveness, it limits the sensation that couples feel while doing sex.

Although the pullout method is not the most popular method, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. In fact, it has been the oldest contraception used by couples many years ago when condoms, pills and other contraception products were not yet available. If it is ineffective, why would it be around until now? Besides, the use of the withdrawal method means no cost for condoms, hormones, prescription and doctor visits.