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Posted by on Aug 13, 2014 in Implant |

withdrawl vs birth control implants

withdrawl vs birth control implants

Withdrawal Method VS Implants

Although the withdrawal method has been around for a hundred years, very few people know much about it. Simply, the withdrawal method is pulling out when you are about to ejaculate. This method seems easy, but it’s the opposite. This is probably the main reason why it’s overshadowed by other contraception methods such as condoms, birth control pills, hormones and implants. This article highlights the effectiveness of the withdrawal method against other contraception methods such as birth control implants.

Birth control implants are primary used by women. It is a flexible, thin plastic implant that is about the size of a cardboard matchstick. Birth control implant is inserted beneath the skin of the upper arm. It helps prevent unexpected pregnancy for up to three years.

Like other birth control methods, birth control implants works primarily by releasing hormones –progestin. The progestin is the hormone responsible for keeping the eggs from leaving the ovaries. Because the sperm has no egg to join with, pregnancy will not occur. In addition, it also makes the cervical mucus of a woman to become thicker, making it hard for the sperm to get into the eggs.

Birth control implants are effective, but like other contraception methods, it doesn’t mean that you will not get unexpected pregnancy when you use it. The effectiveness of birth control implants can be affected by certain chemicals such as several TB medicines, HIV medicines and medicines taken for yeast infection, mental disorder medicines, anti-seizure medicines and certain herbals. Not to mention that implants do not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases.

In these busy days, using birth control implants can fail. A woman using it can take for granted the medical drugs that may affect the effectives of the contraception method she is using. When engaged on sexual intercourse, she could get pregnant unexpectedly. Even if the guy uses condoms, there’s no guarantee that condoms will not fail.

One popular and effective contraception method overlooked by people is the withdrawal a.k.a. the pull out method. A new research conducted at the Guttmacher Institute has gained the withdrawal method a new respect. The common belief is that the pre cum expels sperm that may cause unexpected pregnancy for women. But, the study proves that there were no sperm expelled during the pre cum period or along with the pre-ejaculatory fluid. The study reveals that if the pullout method is consistently and correctly used, it can help prevent unexpected pregnancy by 96% each time a couple does have sex.

In addition, the use of the pullout method means no more use of other contraception methods such as birth control implants. Women no longer need to deal with the cost of implants as well as keeping track of the medicines and foods they eat that may contain chemicals that could lessen the effectives of the contraception method. Not to mention the possible side effects of birth control implants such as irregular bleeding. Women using implants for birth control may experience spotting, longer period, heavier periods or no menstrual period at all. These side effects can be very frustrating and troublesome.