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Withdrawal Method VS Condom Ineffectiveness

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Withdrawal Method VS Condom Ineffectiveness

Withdrawal Method VS Condom Ineffectiveness

condom inefectivenessAll contraception methods are used to prevent pregnancy. Condoms are by far the most popular contraceptive used by many people around the world. But, the ineffectiveness of condoms is an increasing concern of people. Condom ineffectiveness results in unexpected pregnancy. The common reasons to condom ineffectiveness could be incorrect or inconsistent use, failure and break off or slip off. Most men tend to keep condoms in their wallet and doing this can damage the latex and can fail when used during sexual intercourse. While the condom ineffectiveness is continually increasing, one popular contraception method that has been around for many years has made a comeback – the withdrawal or the pullout method.

The withdrawal method is a popular contraception method, but only less people consider it as a birth control method. Because researchers dismiss the pull out method as better than nothing, not many people know much about it.

A lot of people will say that pulling out does not work. In fact, 60% of couples have used the withdrawal method at least once a year. There are many people who are withdrawal rock stars and they pull out correctly each time they have sex. However, pulling out is not easy for a number of reasons. On the other hand, condom is a far more effective method according to experts, considering the safety of course as men do not need to pull out every time they had sex.

Blue CondomCondom Ineffectiveness

The increasing issue about condom ineffectiveness has made the pull out method popular. Why? When a man uses condom, sex doesn’t feel good. Condoms do work for straightforward penetrative sex, but not in more creative encounters. The use of condoms of men is also a nightmare to women in the event that the guy wearing it is going through several degrees of hard and flaccid while doing things.

Condom Ineffectiveness & relationship trust

In addition to the increasing concern about condom ineffectiveness, using it is associated with lack of trust between couples. This means that the couple throws away the idea of having a steady relationship.

It’s a myth that only irresponsible people use the pull out method. People who have no intention of entering a steady relationship and do not use condoms while having sex are considered irresponsible. On the other hand, those people who plan on having a steady relationship and know how to use the pull out method are not irresponsible. They simply know what to do. In addition, if your partner uses birth control pill, will you still use condom? Aside from condom ineffectiveness, it limits the sensation that couples feel while doing sex.

Although the pullout method is not the most popular method, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. In fact, it has been the oldest contraception used by couples many years ago when condoms, pills and other contraception products were not yet available. If it is ineffective, why would it be around until now? Besides, the use of the withdrawal method means no cost for condoms, hormones, prescription and doctor visits.


withdrawl vs birth control implants

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withdrawl vs birth control implants

Withdrawal Method VS Implants

Although the withdrawal method has been around for a hundred years, very few people know much about it. Simply, the withdrawal method is pulling out when you are about to ejaculate. This method seems easy, but it’s the opposite. This is probably the main reason why it’s overshadowed by other contraception methods such as condoms, birth control pills, hormones and implants. This article highlights the effectiveness of the withdrawal method against other contraception methods such as birth control implants.

Birth control implants are primary used by women. It is a flexible, thin plastic implant that is about the size of a cardboard matchstick. Birth control implant is inserted beneath the skin of the upper arm. It helps prevent unexpected pregnancy for up to three years.

Like other birth control methods, birth control implants works primarily by releasing hormones –progestin. The progestin is the hormone responsible for keeping the eggs from leaving the ovaries. Because the sperm has no egg to join with, pregnancy will not occur. In addition, it also makes the cervical mucus of a woman to become thicker, making it hard for the sperm to get into the eggs.

Birth control implants are effective, but like other contraception methods, it doesn’t mean that you will not get unexpected pregnancy when you use it. The effectiveness of birth control implants can be affected by certain chemicals such as several TB medicines, HIV medicines and medicines taken for yeast infection, mental disorder medicines, anti-seizure medicines and certain herbals. Not to mention that implants do not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases.

In these busy days, using birth control implants can fail. A woman using it can take for granted the medical drugs that may affect the effectives of the contraception method she is using. When engaged on sexual intercourse, she could get pregnant unexpectedly. Even if the guy uses condoms, there’s no guarantee that condoms will not fail.

One popular and effective contraception method overlooked by people is the withdrawal a.k.a. the pull out method. A new research conducted at the Guttmacher Institute has gained the withdrawal method a new respect. The common belief is that the pre cum expels sperm that may cause unexpected pregnancy for women. But, the study proves that there were no sperm expelled during the pre cum period or along with the pre-ejaculatory fluid. The study reveals that if the pullout method is consistently and correctly used, it can help prevent unexpected pregnancy by 96% each time a couple does have sex.

In addition, the use of the pullout method means no more use of other contraception methods such as birth control implants. Women no longer need to deal with the cost of implants as well as keeping track of the medicines and foods they eat that may contain chemicals that could lessen the effectives of the contraception method. Not to mention the possible side effects of birth control implants such as irregular bleeding. Women using implants for birth control may experience spotting, longer period, heavier periods or no menstrual period at all. These side effects can be very frustrating and troublesome.



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Outercourse is a behavior that can help prevent unexpected pregnancy in women. It can help prevent STDs apart from being safe to use. But, outercourse ineffectiveness may arise as it is not easy to do, contrary to what other people say that it’s pretty easy.

Outercourse is having sex without vaginal intercourse. This method can help prevent pregnancy while allowing the couple to enjoy lots of sexual activities. This method can help prevent unexpected pregnancy by keeping away the sperm from the vagina. When used consistently, it can help prevent pregnancy by 100%. It is also a safer way to prevent STD as there is no contract between the male and female sex organs. Outercourse has many benefits such as you do not need to use hormones or pills.

A couple may use abstinence for a number of reasons. A couple may choose outercourse after having sex with each other or after they have been sexually active. This contraception method is used by people not just to prevent pregnancy and STDs, but also to wait until they are emotionally ready for a sexual relationship, waiting to find the right partner, have sexual involvement with a romantic partner, and so on.

But, outercourse effectiveness may arise if anyone in the couple cannot resist his/her physical urge to have sex. Keep in mind that outercourse does not involve penetration. Are you always that focused on stopping yourself from having sex with your partner? If you are, then this method will work. But, not all people can resist sex and sexual intercourse may happen anytime during the play of sex. Not to mention the frustration that any of the couple will feel from not having complete sexual satisfaction.

Research study conducted at Guttmacher has proved that the withdrawal method is a far more effective contraception method than abstinence or any contraception. The study has shown that the pre-ejaculatory fluid or the pre-cum does not contain sperm that can fertilize the egg cell and cause pregnancy. With this, there’s need for a couple or for a partner to play sex and get frustrated from not having complete sexual satisfaction.

The withdrawal method a.k.a. the pull out method can help couples keep away sperm from the vagina although penetration is permitted. Couples can further enjoy their sexual activities, with no restrictions or whatsoever. Although the pull out method is not 100% effective, it can help prevent pregnancy.

According to the study, the only concern about the pullout method is that many women are using it and they are not protected from STDs. The solution to this is to try to avoid occasional sex. Women who are in a romantic relationship with the opposite sex can truly benefit from this method. It does not require the cost of other contraception methods such as birth control implants, pills, condoms, hormones and so on. Furthermore, this method allows the couple to enjoy their sex life without having to be abstinent just to prevent pregnancy.

Condom Effectiveness

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Condom Effectiveness

Condom Effectiveness

When the topic about the effectiveness of any contraception like condoms is brought up, experts reference two distinct figures – the perfect use and the typical use. The perfect use means that the person who use condoms use it correctly and consistently. The perfect use of condoms can help prevent pregnancy and this can be verified by lab test results. The typical use is probably the primary reason why condom effectiveness issues arise. Basically, it is how the person uses the condom or the contraception method.

Ineffectiveness of condoms arises from incorrect use, break or tear off during sexual intercourse and slippage while having sex. Condoms that are too tight can have the tendency to break off, especially if it’s made from latex.  In addition, condoms that are slightly loose can slip off during sexual intercourse if the guy goes flaccid.

No contraception method is 100% effective in typical or perfect use over time. The 100% protection from pregnancy is not having any sexual activity at all. Sex activities that do not involve genital to genital contact can reduce the risks of pregnancy. Aside from the use of condoms, abstinence is another contraception method used to prevent pregnancy. But, abstinence may work only after a year as couples cannot resist the urge of sex and end up having sex that results in pregnancy. They do not use condom as it reduces the sensation they feel while making love.

condom effectivenessWhile condom effectiveness is questioned, there is one contraception method that has made a comeback, the withdrawal method. Also known as the pull out method, it can help people prevent pregnancy without having to lessen that sense of pleasure and satisfaction they feel after having sex. The Guttmacher study has proven that the pre-ejaculatory fluid does not expel sperm, so it will not cause pregnancy.

Contrary to what other people say that pulling out is not easy, it is simple and easy to do. With practice, communication, learning and following plans, you can use the pull out method like a pro. But, before you use the withdrawal method, see to it that you and your guy know both of your STI status. The pull out method can work in pregnancy prevention, but not against sexually transmitted infections. Should you get involved in casual sex with a guy you do not know much about, always use condom.

In addition, it’s best if you know your menstrual cycle. Through this, you can be aware of your fertile days. You can allow your guy to expel inside you and have a feeling of complete satisfaction. This is one of the concerns of condom effectiveness. Although your guy feels satisfied from expelling inside you, you don’t.

If effectiveness is your primary priority, withdrawal can be your best option. Unlike condoms and other contraception methods, the pull out method is free. You do not need to deal with the cost of any of the contraception available these days. Besides, you can use the pull out method anytime you want. But, see to it that you keep supplies to use in the event that the withdrawal method is not applicable to the given situation.


Birth Control Pill Effectiveness

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Birth Control Pill Effectiveness

The Pill – Does It Really Work?

The population today is continuously increasing. However, it is not the main reason why many people now use birth control as a means of contraception. People choose among the wide range of contraception options provided for them to lessen the risk of pregnancy, thus the name itself. One of the most commonly preferred to be used by women are birth control pills. However, many people are still wondering about birth control pill effectiveness even if it is among those commonly used. So, how effective is a birth control pill really?

Birth Control Pill Effectiveness

What is It?

The pill is a hormonal contraception that is taken by women orally. It is taken as a means to prevent pregnancy. However, its effectiveness will only be if it is taken correctly. If it does, there is a 99.9% chance that pregnancy can be prevented. But taking the pill does not constitute getting protected against STD, including HIV.

Birth Control Pill Effectiveness – The Primary Question About the Pill, How Effective is this Form of Contraception?

There are several reports made to present an answer to this very popular contraception question. From one of the gathered information, it states that there is a chance for 5 out of 100 women who are using the pill to get pregnant each year. However, this risk is much lesser for women who are taking the pill correctly, which should be in the same time every day. Also, the risk is higher for overweight women who are taking the pill.

In another data gathered, it states that there are 8 out of 10 women who can get pregnant every year. But, it is still considered on the “effective” rating category compared to other forms of contraception.

How Soon Do Pills Work?

It is also another question that women have regarding this form of contraception. The question still has a relation to the birth control pill effectiveness as well. A simple answer to this is that it depends on 2 factors. These are the pills that are being taken and that point during the menstrual cycle when the intake was started. As for those who are taking combination pill, its effectiveness on the day it was taken. Women who take the pill 5 days after their period can expect to be protected instantly. A form of contraception backup will be needed for 7 days if the pill is taken in other times during the cycle.

Birth Control Pill Effectiveness – What’s So Good About It?

For one, birth control pills are easy to use and do not require for you to ask your partner. It is also safe as well as works well in decreasing the risk of pregnancy. Taking combination pills can offer other benefits aside from preventing pregnancy. These include less menstrual cramps, stronger bones and less acne. It is also said to lessen the risk of certain cancer relating to the reproductive organs from developing.

However, there is a catch to all these benefits. A birth control pill can only be obtained with a prescription, which leaves the option of pulling out or withdrawal method as the superior option. With this method, there is no need to make an effort in obtaining the prescription.


Birth Control Implant – Do they work?

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Birth Control Implant – Do they work?


Birth Control Implant – What Side Effects Do They Have?

The birth control implant contraceptives are just one of the forms of contraception being used today. Birth control implant, as the name suggests, involves a device that is being put under the patient’s skin. It is done in this method to give the patient an even dose of it without the hassle of taking birth control pills every day. The implant contains progestogen hormone. One good example of this form of contraception is Nexplanon, which is the only implant being prescribed and used in the United Kingdom. But there are still other implant devices being used in the world.

The Reported Side Effects of Birth Control Implant Contraceptives

According to reports, side effects, only develop during the first few months. And it goes after about 3 to 6 months after the device is implanted and used continuously. From the past years, there were several pieces of information collected about the side effects that some women have experienced with the implants. These include breast discomfort, increased appearance of acne and fluid retention. But there were also other women who reported an improvement and decreased appearance of acne. There is also the fact that there is a present risk of infection in the wound with cuts on the skin. Other side effects experienced by women are divided into categories, which include:

  • Side Effects Caused by the Insertion of the Birth Control ImplantBirth Control Implant Some reported that they experienced pain, swelling or bruising, infection, scarring or redness. Such effects from the procedure occurred due to incorrect insertion of the birth control  implant on the right spot. For instance, the health care provided may have placed the device too deeply into the patient’s skin. As a result, the patient experienced numbness and discomfort later on when it is time to remove the device. But there is a lower risk of these occurring with Nexplanon.
  • Side Effects Experienced Once the Device is Implanted – It can include experiencing irregular menstrual cycle, nausea or abdominal pain, weight gain, depression and mood swings. Dizziness, back pain, headache, breast pain, acne break out and vaginitis are other reported side effects in the past.

These are just some drawbacks of the birth control implant contraceptives, but there are still more reported of it. Such examples include the certain health issue that the patient currently has. Women experiencing abnormal bleeding in the vagina due to an undiagnosed cause are prohibited from using this option. There is also the fact that the method is costly. Patients who opt for this contraceptive method will have to pay $600 and even more for the exam as well as the birth control  implant. The removal of the birth control implant will require about $100 or more. There is also the fact that the method is claimed to be not effective in obese women, which limits the people who can use this option. All these reasons make the withdrawal method a superior option. It is not only effective, but the method is also safe, convenient and very simple. It does not involve any of the side effects mentioned above or those relating to hormonal changes. It does not require any prescription and above all, it is free.