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Posted by on Apr 20, 2020 in Featured, Withdrawal Method |

The Quick Guide to How Pulling Out Can Improve Your Love Life

The Quick Guide to How Pulling Out Can Improve Your Love Life

The Quick Guide to How Pulling Out Can Improve Your Love Life
Have you tried different methods on how to not get pregnant? If you want to experience the enjoyment of having sex while at the same time preventing from pregnancy, the best method is to follow the Pull Out method. Pull Out method is also called withdrawal method or the coitus interruptus method. This kind of method is done when the man is pulling out his penis from the vagina when he feels that his sperms are near to come out. This is one of the best and convenient methods of birth control procedure.
Many people believe that this is a kind of boring method because the couple will not feel satisfied when having sex. Well, people who are saying that it is a boring method are wholly wrong. Actually, this method is the commonly followed procedure and it can improve you sex life as well as keep relationship strong. If you plan to apply the pull out method, you should consider the following guideline on how to do this method.
Both of the couple should agree to follow the pull out method. This is important so that both will know what will possibly happen while having sex. When the time of your orgasm comes, you must quickly pull out your penis away from the vagina of your partner and move it from her body according to your sex position.
You can do your orgasm and pull out fast if your partner is in good position, and then can easily lose your sperm to her belly. You can probably express your true love to your partner if you do a conservative action.
By pulling out and losing your load outside is one way of showing love to your partner and you can show your love and trust if you do what is agreed when having sex. You find this method has more enjoyment and excitement. To keep the relationship strong, the couple must be loyal to each other to improve their sex life and love life as well. They should have an appropriate idea about the outcome when having sex, so they must do it perfectly. When applying the pull out method the risk of pregnancy is not common to happen if perfectly done.

It has no side effects.
Cost efficiency. You will not spend more money to provide pills or contraceptives.
It is always free and available.
It doesn’t affect the menstrual cycle of the woman.
It is effective if perfectly done.
Can improve couples sex life and keep relationship strong.

It will not prevent you from HIV and other diseases.
Less applicable if drunk.

It is very essential to do the pull out method perfectly so that your partner will give their trust to you and to keep relationship strong. Both partners should be responsible whatever happens while having sex.